SharePoint Workflow - Instances Question


  • Before I ask my question .. I apologize for asking a stupid question, but I can't see to find the answer anywhere *sigh*.

    Lets say I design a SharePoint Workflow and the workflow is set to automatically start on create and or on a change to an item.  Now let’s also say that on step 3 of the workflow I pause for 1 day.  Now let’s say that someone changes some information, such as the status, before the 1 day has expired.  Do I now have two instances of the workflow both executing against the same item? 

    Second example.  Let’s say I have defined two workflows both against the same list.  One is set to start on creation and change.  The other only starts on a change.  Let’s say my first workflow changes the item in step two and pauses the item in step 3 for 1 day.  The change does not cause a relaunch of the first workflow in 3.0 (good!!).  But it kicks of workflow #2.  Workflow #2 changes the item which does cause workflow #1 to start.  Do I now have two instances of the workflow #1 (probably both asleep at step 3 for a day?).

    Now let’s say they are both asleep and a user changes something in the item.  This kicks off Workflow #1 and Workflow #2.  Let’s say workflow #2 also changes something -- does this kick off another Workflow #1?  In which case I may have 4 instances asleep at step 3.

    OR does it see that an instance is already in pause mode and not start a new instance?

    I hope this makes sense.


    mardi 28 juillet 2009 19:35


  • OKAY!! I've answered my first question.   The system does not seem to allow more than one instance of the same workflow.

    I assume there fore that if the workflow is designed to start on create or change and the workflow is currently in PAUSE nothing will happen.  It will stay in PAUSE and a second instance will not be created sicne that is not allowed.  Is that correct?

    I'm beginning to wish I had just used Windows Workflow rather than Sharepoint Workflow *sigh* -- but it has the advantage that if I can get it to do what we want then some of my senior managers might be able to "tweak the rules" to fit their needs without bothering me LOL.

    mercredi 29 juillet 2009 01:05