Create Master Calendar linked with Multiple Sub Calendars


  • Have user request to link multiple sub calendars to a Master Calendar in Sharepoint 2007. May I know if this is possible? One more criteria, not all calendar entries on sub calendars will be copied to Master Calendar. An additional column on sub calendar will trigger the value to be copied to the master calendar (lets say a choices value master and sub; if value is master, that event will be copied to master calendar).

    May I know if this is possible?

    mardi 13 mars 2012 09:08


  • Hi mpMS,

    SharePoint 2007 doesn't have such kind of Master Calendar linked with multiple Sub Calendars.

    If you want to copy the calendar entries on sub calendars with choice value master as you said, you can create a Workflow to copy the Sub Calendars entries to Master Calendar according to the condition of choices value (master or sub) using SharePoint Designer action Copy List Item, you need to create this kind workflow for each sub calendar.


    Daniel Yang

    TechNet Community Support

    jeudi 15 mars 2012 08:48