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  • We have a SharePoint 2013 environment and we use SharePoint Active Directory Import for User profile synchronization. We have the connections set up for different domains and the timer job “User Profile Service Application - User Profile Active Directory Import Job” runs every 5 mins.

    The issue I am having is one of the user information got updated in the AD but that is not getting reflected in Manage User Profiles page of central admin. It is pulling all new users from AD to User Profile. We have only User Profile Service running on our User profile server and not User Profile Synchronization service(my site is disabled). Is there something that I am missing. Can I do a force AD import for just one user using PowerShell?

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  • Hi,

    You should enable the user profile synchronization and up and running to import all the properties of users from AD. PowerShell comand also requires the User Profile Synchronization to be enabled and up and running.
    If you don't want this synchronization option, then you have to manually update the item via Central Administration UI.

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  • Hi sriaug,

    Is there any update?

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