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  • I have a list in sharepoint 2013 with a few columns and data in them, but the search box for the list is not bringing any results. 

    Any one has any ideas why?


    jeudi 15 mai 2014 16:39

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  • It sounds like you might have to trouble shoot the crawler.  It could be as simple as the Search Service App not being online or provisioned, but in most cases, it's a little deeper than that.  I would recommend starting with fellow MVP Matt McDermott's excellent post on the topic.

    Start here:

    I trust that answers your question...


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    jeudi 15 mai 2014 18:04
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  • Hi Cornelius and thanks for your reply.

    I had a look at the tool (fiddler) as suggested on that thread but I can't find anything obvious in there.

    If I do a search on the site search box, it will pick up the list items fine.

    If I do a search on the search box of the list then it doesn't show any results except for some strange reason there are two or three words that show some results. For example on images below, the word Management exist on two rows but when you search only shows one of the rows. 

    Also, I have saved this list as template and uploaded to another SharePoint farm (test on separate box) and I get the same result.

    Is there any settings specific to the list search that can be customized?


    vendredi 16 mai 2014 10:19
  • Is there anyone out there that has an explanation to this issue? I have searched the web quite a lot and can't find an answer??

    Any help is appreciated.

    Thank you

    lundi 19 mai 2014 11:22
  • Hi,

    From your description, you cannot see the expected result when searching in the list search box.

    Theoretically, searching the site search box, list search box and search center site should be as same as each other except the different search scope. In the other word, if you can see the result in site search you should see the result too in list search.

    Therefore, please double check how it works if you reindex the the list.

    1. Click Reindex in the list Advanced Settings.

    2. Wait until next crawl finishes.


    1.  Is the NOn MES ERP processing (sub) a managed metadata column?

    2.  If you search keyword "material management", can you see both list item in search result?

    Miles LI TechNet Community Support

    jeudi 22 mai 2014 10:12
  • Hi Miles

    I have tried the Reindex a couple of times and then did the full crawl and still the same result. 

    None of the columns use Managed metadata. Most of the columns are "Choice" columns.

    I tried to search the "Material Management" and still only one list item shows up. I tried the same Search "Material Management" from the site search box and that only shows two results, the same actual list item and the List itself, so NOT showing the second item.

    I have mentioned before that if I search on the site search box it finds the items but it does NOT. What is finding is the list itself.

    If I search on the list for an item and it doesn't return anything and then try the same item on the site search box then that will find the list and not the item.

    If I search on the list for another item that shows up ( "Management" in this case ) and then search the same on the site search I then get two results the List item as well as the list. 


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    jeudi 22 mai 2014 11:51
  • You mean to say, you could search the list contents while searching it in the scope of a site and not within the scope of the list? If so are you using same account in both the instances? Also did you verified your crawl logs and ensured that the list what you are trying to see the search results appear in crawl log as successfully crawled?


    vendredi 23 mai 2014 09:54
  • Did you find the solution for your problem???
    lundi 9 février 2015 13:57
  • The issue is with columns not been configured as indexed or searchable. You can have up to 20 columns in a library that can be set as indexed columns. So when you go to library or list settings you have the option to set indexed columns from there and depending on the type of columns it may not even be available as an option to index. 

    The thing that confuses people is that they do a search and they get some results but not all. This can be for example, you have several documents in a library and then you search for "xyz" and this "xyz" exist within the text inside a document, then you will get those documents in the search results. This "xyz" may be as a tag in a column but the results are coming from the text inside the document. If the "xyz" would not exist inside the document then you would not get any results if the column has not been set as indexed and also has to be searchable. 

    More details on indexed columns here

    lundi 9 février 2015 14:37
  • So, If I want to use list search box and get real results, I have to set additional indexed columns??
    lundi 9 février 2015 16:54
  • No.

    Indexed columns will only help speed up the return of results.

    It appears that SharePoint search does not work properly for multiline text fields. (although, oddly, I _do_ get returns if the search term happens to be part of the URL of a hyperlink that is in such a field)

    mercredi 23 novembre 2016 15:00
  • You'll want to make sure the columns are searchable in the search schema. Here is an article by Elio Struyf that explains it well:
    jeudi 22 juin 2017 15:36
  • Did you create the columns locally - in the list itself - or did you create them as site collection columns?
    jeudi 22 juin 2017 18:24
  • In my case I used local columns. I'm in a SPO environment. I tracked our particular issue down to a site configuration. If you go to Site Settings -> Search and Offline Availability (under Search), "Allow this site to appear in search results?" was set to "No". Once I set it to "Yes", my lists were indexed and I was able to use the Search box for my lists.
    mardi 27 juin 2017 15:47
  • Hi, Please redindex the list: from List --> List Settings --> Advanced settings --> Reindex List

    If there are having the multiple lists on same site affected, you have to reindex whole site: from Site --> Site Settings --> Search --> Search and Offline Availability

    Note : It may take some hours or a day until re-indexing has full effect.

    Sridhar Tottempudi

    jeudi 17 mai 2018 12:17