Setting Default Value of SharePoint List Filter Web Part


  • Hello,

    I have a page in a SharePoint site with three web parts on it. There's an app part displaying a list and a "SharePoint List Filter" web part connected to it to filter based on the selected item. This works well, you can select something from the filter part and it updates the data shown in the app part.

    The third web part is a Query String (URL) Filter. This is set up to take a paremeter from the query string and supply it as a default value to the SharePoint List Filter. This is not working. The List Filter remains blank when the page is loaded with a parameter.

    I have confirmed the Query String web part is working by using it to supply a default value to an additional Text Filter web part - that all works fine, but when I connect it to the SharePointList Filter web part it does nothing.

    The end goal os to have a page you can filter using the filter web part that has a default filter which is supplied from the url, so I can link the page from other pages with different filters values already set.

    Can anyone help?



    lundi 13 juillet 2015 15:25


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