How to found SharePoint servers information by using SQL server


  • We got a new farm to under our support, and here the problem is we and client don't no SharePoint server information and client knows only SQL server information. now how we can found the SharePoint server information by using SQL server. 

    Please help...

    lundi 11 juin 2018 08:09

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  • Do you have any SharePoint site URL? If you have, and you can log in the network where the SharePoint farm/SQL server is, would you be able to ping the URL to see which server's IP address is responding? Then you will be able to find out at least the SharePoint web front end server. 

    If the customer didn't actually apply a host header to the site URL, most likely you get a URL like this 

    http://servername:port number

    The servername could be the central admin server.

    lundi 11 juin 2018 12:29
  • Hi RV-12.

    If you know the name of the SharePoint configuration database and the name of the database server it is hosted on, you can open the SQL Server Management Studio, connect to that SQL Server database server and execute the following query to get a list of all the servers in the SharePoint farm represented by the configuration database

    SELECT *
    FROM ConfigDB.[dbo].[Objects]
    WHERE Properties Like '<object type="Microsoft.SharePoint.Administration.SPServer%'
    ORDER BY Name

    where "ConfigDB" must be replaced by the name of the SharePoint configuration database.
    Then you can get the update status of all the SharePoint servers by executing a query like the following

    SELECT *
    FROM ConfigDB.[dbo].[ServerVersionInformation]
    ORDER BY ServerId

    where "ConfigDB" must be replaced by the name of the SharePoint configuration database.
    One important thing: be extremely careful when running SQL queries against SharePoint databases!


    Luigi Bruno

    lundi 11 juin 2018 17:46
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