Problem while stopping BizTalk host instance..

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  • This is not the normal thing IMHO. The host should be stopped and started smoothly. If it is not then some investigation is required.

    1- Do you have any message in event log?

    2- Is this with one particular Host Instance or all the host instance. If this is related with one single host instance, Check if the pipeline or orchestration is using any custom code . I had similar issue when I was using to connect to Oracle . It was with BizTaalk 2006. After changing the ODP version to 32 bit I have managed to resolve the issue.

    3- check the Memory and CPU utilization pattern on the BizTalk Node used by the Host Instance.

    When i try to stop host instance rarely its going to STOP Pending state. I have to restart the host instance. Is there any alternative? --> Use BizTalk admin console to stop the host instance . Try to delete the host instance and create it on another BizTalk node and see if the issue remains.

    Naushad Alam

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  • Hi,

    Do you see any thing in the event log when this happens?

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    samedi 12 mai 2012 03:23
  • It can also be related to SSO and the adapter(s).  Which adapters are you using?  What version of BizTalk are you running?

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    samedi 12 mai 2012 03:42
  • Please check the application event log .. and share the error..

    Which will help to understand the issue..

    mercredi 13 juin 2012 19:19
  • Restart ESSO ,auotmatically Host Instance is also restarted. 
    jeudi 14 juin 2012 04:50
  • In most cases where issues like this happens its due to the ESSO. It can either be slow response from the Master Secret Key or the databases.

    When you have issues like this I often recommend people to run the MessageBox Viewer and BizTalk Best Practice Analyzer to see if there is anything wrong within the environment.

    If this isnt a standalone server, where is the Master Secret Key installed? It is recommended to have it together with the SQL databases for BizTalk and perferable a cluster here. It is not recommended to have installed on any BizTalk servers (of course unless you have a standalone server).

    You could also set up PAL to run for you, so that you can eliminate and perofrmance issues with your computer, slow stopping of host instances can also be due to I\O issues. 

    Best regards

    Tord Glad Nordahl
    Bouvet ASA, Norway |@tordeman

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  • 1.Resart the WMI services(cmd-> services.msc )

    2.Restart the host instance from services .

    3. Restart the server .

    jeudi 14 juin 2012 09:26