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  • Dear Support Team,

    I have two document library both document library is having site level group and permission. In visitor group I added four users and this group is added in both document library.

    The issue is if I removed one user from visitor group from the first library then that same user get removed from second library also where I'm using this same visitor group, even I have break the permission inheritance from SharePoint ribbon.

    As per my understanding if we break the permission inheritance from SP ribbon then if I'll remove user from visitor group from document library one then that particular user will not removed from visitor group document library 2 because I break the permission while clicking on permission inheritance.

    Need your advice please.

    jeudi 28 juin 2018 10:24

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  • Hi,

    If the permission inheritance is stopped from SP ribbon, then that would affect the parent child hierarchy not child to child hierarchy. That means any changes made in the users / groups of the site will not affect both the document libraries. But if any change is made in one document library it would be same in the other library as well as the group in both of them is same.

    jeudi 28 juin 2018 11:18
  • Hi,

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    Allen Bai

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    mercredi 4 juillet 2018 08:09
  • Dear Allen,

    I just want to understand I created one group with Edit access from one site. Now if I create new site / list / library and stop inherit permission to use the same group and permission with different user which is not working. Issue is once i remove the user or add the user, the same user removed from other site / list / library also where I have used this group. I think if I'm using stop inherit permission the removing or adding user in particular group should not effect to other site / list / library where I used this group. please advice.


    lundi 9 juillet 2018 05:00
  • Hi,

    Please use separate groups for each list. If a user is removed from the group automatically it will be removed for the other list despite removing inheritance.

    mercredi 11 juillet 2018 11:51
  • Dear Shivi,

    I'm already using your above option however my concern is, if we create 100+ list or library then for every list we have to create group for same kind of permission only because we cannot remove / add (it will add / remove from other list/library also) different user after clicking on stop inheritance. 

    To use same kind of permission which is already available / created in a particular group only changing the users if we again create and keep creating new groups ever time I think its not a good practice. 

    Please advice if we have some other option suggested by SharePoint team to ignore this repeating work which create multiple groups for the same kind of security and permission.


    jeudi 12 juillet 2018 06:25