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  • Bonjour,

    suite a la migration de viso 2007 à viso 2016, il m'est impossible d'ouvrir mes fichiers VSD

    message :.

    Erreur interne Visio : #-1

    Action 1283 : ouvrir le fichier :

    avez une solution pour que je puisse reprendre mes fichiers

    d'avance merci de votre aide


    lundi 10 septembre 2018 09:20

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  • Bonjour Franck

    Regarde ce lien

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    This kind of error is generally seen when a file has some corruption, possibly very minor - meaning that you can still open and print, for instance, but some action, like copying shapes, causes an error.

    If you have one or two files that seem to see this problem, try cleaning them up (after making backup copies) using suggestions from this article: / "How to troubleshoot damaged drawings in Visio"

    Specifically, try the "Methods to try if you can open the drawing" section:

    Method 1: Save the file as an XML drawing

    Save the drawing as an XML drawing (.vdx file), and then save the XML drawing as a drawing (.vsd file). To do this:

    1. Start Visio, and then open your drawing.
    2. On the File menu, click Save As.
    3. In the Save As dialog box, click XML Drawing (*.vdx)in theSave as type box, and then type a file name in theFile namebox. Specify a location where you want to save the drawing file, and then clickSave.
    4. Close all the drawings that are currently open.
    5. On the File menu, click Open.
    6. Locate the XML drawing (.vdx) that you saved earlier in step 3, and then clickOpen.
    7. On the File menu, click Save As.
    8. In the Save As dialog box, click Drawing (*.vsd) in the Save as type box, and then type a file name in the File name box. Specify a location where you want to save the drawing file, and then clickSave.
    9. Close the drawing.
    10. On the File menu, click Open
    11. Locate the drawing (.vsd file) that you saved earlier in step 8, and then clickOpen.

    There are other options in that section, but this one is the most effective.

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    lundi 10 septembre 2018 09:30
  • Bonjour,

    Merci de ton aide, mais j'ai déjà essayé, mais ça ne change rien.

    De plus, mon fichier s'ouvre bien sous Visio 2007 mais pas sous Visio 2016


    lundi 10 septembre 2018 09:53