Search Error - There was an exception in the Database


  • Hello,

    I have SharePoint 2013 farm with search configured and was working fine until the I have installed the latest security updates KB3191886.

    After installing update, search is stopped working with the below exception

    There was an exception in the Database. Please retry your operation and if the problem presists, contact an administrator.

    Correlation ID: 8594029e-517f-008b-0bd3-8b8f786ce72d

    However after tried various methods, strange thing i have noticed that with default url http://<<Server name>> search is working fine and with AAM i.e. http://intranet... it's showing exception.

    I have found on some blogs that uninstalling this update may resolve this issue. Does anyone else face this kind of issue ? or have resolution for this ?


    Mehul Jamod

    jeudi 6 juillet 2017 09:44

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