Windows Home server 2003 Activation not supported.


  • Hi all,

    I've got a VERY old WHS (v1 based on WS 2003) that I use now just for computer backups. I've not found anything that does this job, (and maintains the backups autonomously) better. 

    recently the system disk on my server died.

    I purchased a new drive installed the server software connect the old drive up and its working fine except that is in evaluation mode. I have the original OEM disk, with licence key.

    I exposed it to the internet to activate it no success and I also trying over the phone but I get that validation is no longer valid for this product.

    is there a way of activating it so I can get it to last updated state I can?

    (if the answer is no is there different solution anyone can suggest where I set up and forget until needed system, that is for a home user and doesn't cost a small fortune to purchase)

    Many thanks for your help and advise in advance


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