Can't get MotoGP to "configure" under 7!


  • Having trouble with MotoGP and W7. When the program "launcher" is ran, W7 will not allow me to "configure" game controller(s). Any fix, or suggestion?
    This problem only affects W7. Tried the same with XP and Vista . . . no problem.
    jeudi 30 juillet 2009 19:09


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  • Hi SuperTexan,

    It seems that you are trying to run MotoGP 3: Ultimate Racing Technology, which has a "Status: Unknown" in the compatibility list for Vista. However there is MotoGP 2008 (Capcom Entertainment, Inc.) which is compatible iwth Vista.

    Details of the compatibility can be seen at:-

    I hope above information clarifies.


    mardi 4 août 2009 17:44
  • I managed to get MotoGP 3 working on Win7 x86 & x64 by running it under Windows 98/ME Compatibility, Strange but true!! Hope this helps someone.. had to use the keyboard for control, still working on editing the .cfg file for that..
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    mardi 8 novembre 2011 22:41
  • You need this program
    dimanche 22 janvier 2012 00:37
  • Hi guys,

    I played MotoGP2 for years on XP till 2010 with a original XBox controller.

    My old PC broke down so it was a real setback when I couldn't find a solution for Windows Vista. 
    Last week I have been trying again and it worked!!!

    I had to use a program called "Driver Signature Enforcement Overrider " to get in a windows test-mode. Only this way I could install the required driver correctly. I used a driver called "Tiger Game XBox Controller". Next I had to use XPadder to link the keys to the controller buttons.

    But now there's an other problem!....

    Both triggers are set to analog in the control panel (driver properties). But in the game (in the 'Configure Controls' screen) it must be set to digital or some kind.
    he problem is that the triggers still functions as a button (accelerate or do not accelerate / brake or no brake). This makes it impossible to set personal records in MotoGP2.

    Can anybody please help me solve this? I got so close, can't leave it here now!

    (I was thinking...Is it possible to manipulate te 'cofigure controls' through its cfg. file?)

    PS: If anybody needs help on installing the driver correctly (using windows Vista or w7) I can help with that.


    James Julian

    jeudi 13 février 2014 01:56
  • James, thank you, you led me to the solution somehow.
    I've been looking for a solution for this For Years.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Anyone else that may be trying to figure this out also, rejoice!  This is it!!!!

     This is what you need

    Now, download those attached files that he gives you.  (Trust, they are fine.  If you need them still, email me at, plz dont abuse this)

    Follow the instructions.

    Your basically Registering some old directinput dll's so that windows 7 can recognize the configure software.

    If you want to race with me or compare times send me a message at my email and ill show you how to setup multiplayer~.  ^_^

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  • hi, may i know how to get the solution to configure keyboard for motogp07? I cant get the link to download as you mentioned, Thank you
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    jeudi 7 décembre 2017 07:12
  • Hope this helps..

    lundi 19 février 2018 12:20
  • THANK YOU SO MUCH PretenderXD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    dimanche 29 avril 2018 23:19