Can I use powershell script to convert a folder of jpg files into a video RRS feed

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  • Hello,

    i'm not sure that you can achieve it with powershell, but you could use a command line tool named ffmpeg:

    For creating a video from many images:

    ffmpeg -f image2 -framerate 12 -i foo-%03d.jpeg -s WxH foo.avi

    The syntax foo-%03d.jpeg specifies to use a decimal number composed of three digits padded with zeroes to express the sequence number. It is the same syntax supported by the C printf function, but only formats accepting a normal integer are suitable.

    I hope this will answer your request, even if it is not a powershell answer ;)


    Laurent Dumont PRESTINFORM - Revel

    lundi 22 janvier 2018 10:44
  • Hello,

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    Laurent Dumont PRESTINFORM - Revel

    lundi 29 janvier 2018 10:17