SharePoint Document check in/out problem


  • Hi,

    I have an annoying problem:

    This is the process in which it occurs -

    1. Upload a Word Document top my site

    2. Check it in (I have enabled require check in)

    3. Check out and Edit in Microsoft Word clicking use Local Draft Folder (although even if I don't use this option the problem remains)

    4. The problem:


    5. I can't edit the doc due to this box, even though I am logged onto the site as the person who uploaded the document and am owner of the site.

    Things to note: The site is a subsite off a main site and the subsite is NOT inheriting permissions (it has custom made permissions) I have checked all the permissions and they are not causing this problem.

    Any solutions?



    lundi 21 novembre 2011 14:58

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  • Sorry you may not be able to see the picture:

    It says This file is checked out by ADS\tomtrainervisitor (my site name and prefix)

    Do you want to:

    [Radio]View a read only copy

    [Radio]Save and edit a copy of the file

    [Tick]Receive a notification when the server file is available


    lundi 21 novembre 2011 16:03
  • You can try few things here. 

    Before you do this , make sure the file is Checked in 

    Go to the following location from your machine - C:\Documents and Settings\Your Account Folder\My Documents\SharePoint Drafts

    Please check if the affected file is stored there or not. If it is there - Try deleting it from the above location(make sure you have a copy of that file) - Then access the file and check it out from the site without Selecting Local Drafts. 

    Let us know if this helps. 

    Thanks & Regards Posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights.
    mercredi 23 novembre 2011 08:40
  • No that does'nt affect the problem.

    More information may help a resolution:

    I use a site owner log in with full control and I use a subsite owner with Contribute control (even though I have given the subsite owner full control the problem persists). I swap between the two to demonstrate to delegates in my class (I am an instructor).

    The problem is with my personal computer, it only started happening after a while. I was using another computer because I couldn't use my own due to the problem and it started happening again.

    I have tried:

    • deleting the contents in the local drafts folder and discarding checkouts.
    • deleting all documents and re-adding.
    • login with different usernames with full permissions.
    • Tried installing Designer tools
    • Tried adding site to Trusted zones

    Nothing, it still says "The File is checked out - by (my username)" etc.


    lundi 28 novembre 2011 13:55
  • Hi guys,

    I have he same problem, Did you resolve the issue.

    Please help me,

    Thanks Advance


    vendredi 24 février 2012 02:35
  • Hi All,

    Can any of you confirm which version of Office are you using? I'm aware that this is a known bug for Microsoft Office Word SP3.0 in conjunction with the SharePoint 2010 document library.

    The alternative approach that we took was to save the document to physical location, make changes and upload it back.

    I suppose the issue is something to do with the domain/user. Somehow the domain/user logged in to the sharepoint is treated differently when it comes to the MS Office opened in your machine.

    Also, i believe this occurs when the client machine is Windows XP.


    mercredi 7 mars 2012 20:10