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    We have a terminal Server 2008 AD running a program installed in the C: volume and the data of each customers are stored in a D volume in D:\data\ client1 client2 client3 ...

    We have masked and restrict access to C & D with the GPO, create a login script to SUBST a X volume for each customer pointing to his own directory (D:\data\client1 ).

    The D:\data\client need to be accessible (R) by the "Users" group (if not the remote program seems not running)...

    the problem is that inside the program in the menus, if you choose a menu like "File Open" with a file name field, by default you see only the files in the x volume and in the "computer" section only the X volume and you dont see the drive C & D marqued by the GPO

    BUT if you enter "c:" in the name field, you will see the entire content of the C: disk !

    The problem is that one user can browse and access to the data of another user in read mode !

    What can we do to protect this !!!

    Help welcome or any documentation/tutorial with a good configuration to avoid this problem.

    O Bourgeois

    samedi 31 mars 2012 19:27

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