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  • Hello,

    hope you guys are doing well. Any insight is welcome regarding the issue I'm experiencing.

    I have a Hyper V cluster configuration with 4 HP Proliant DL380 Gen8 running Server 2012 R2 with 20VMs running a mix of Server 2012 R2 and Server 2019.

    On each host, there is a NIC Team configured (Network-3NICs) + iSCSI (4 NICs) (1Gbps). A virtual switch is attached to the NIC team(10Gbps) and all VMs on the host have access to the virtual switch.

    CSV volume is also enabled on the cluster and all VMs can access their VHDx from that unique CSV volume.

    The backend storage is HP Nimble CS1000 with 21 1TB HDDs and 3 480GB SSD as cache. 2x1 Gbps links are active on the Nimble so that HP ProLiant can access LUNs with HP iSCSI switch in the middle.

    Here is my issue... I'm seeing poor read performance with 2 of my VMs (File server and Database server) specially during peaks. Opening file or accessing files in shared drives is very slow.

    Lately, we have replaced Webroot with Sophos and patch all computers and servers with recommended configurations.

    Opening a file (less than 1MB) will take 5-10 seconds to open on Office. When I copy a file from my local machine the network to the file server I can barely hit 10MBps. Things get worse with multiple users accessing the servers.

    What is strange is that other VMs are performing as usual. 

    Shared files on the file server are about 4.5TB. Database server, all system, data and logs are stored in the same vhdx.

    During peaks, disk activity is 100% with average response time horribly high (<=15000ms)

    I am wondering is there is something that I am missing in the configuration.

    Looking forward to your comments.


    mercredi 13 janvier 2021 10:03

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