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    I am trying to copy an assigned to column into a text column.  I am trying to leverage a team roster, using the Assigned To field to assign team members to different projects. I have created this roster using a task list.  I then want to create a user specific view in the project library based on the user's assignment to a project from the task list so they have a central location to access  all assigned projects. Unfortnately, I cannot use the [me] function in a calculated or lookup column. I was told that copying the assigned to column to a text column via a workflow would give me the desired results. However - I can't seem to get the workflow to work.

    Any advice would be helpful.



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  • Hi Katye,


    From your description, I understand that you failed to get the workflow to work. Is there any error in the event log or ULS log?


    Workflow has its own event log found here-

    ULS also has the Workflow Services category, make sure it is turned on with this PowerShell command-


    $level = "Workflow Services"

    $level | Set-SPLogLevel -TraceSeverity VerboseEx

    $level | Get-SPLogLevel #to make sure it was set right


    When you want to set it back to the default level run this-

    $level | Clear-SPLogLevel



    Best regards,

    Ethan Liu

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