Windows 7 Offline files and folder redirection behaviour


  • We have recently implemented Windows 7 User State Virtualisation are per Microsoft best practice.

    As part of the process which makes redirected files become available Offline we have observed the following behaviour:

    1. Create a shortcut to a document on another server on the redirected desktop.
    2. Shortcut becomes available as part of the Offline files process.
    3. The document targeted in the shortcut also is made available as an Offline file.

    I understand this behaviour is by design however it is highly undesirable because the targetted document is shared between a group of people and offline files are not really designed for this purpose due to multiple edits etc.

    I am hoping that somebody knows a way to disable this behaviour otherwise i will have to disbable offline files completely on the host server. One thing i am investigating at the moment is a registry entry for 'LinkTargetCaching' under the NetCache setting.

    This unanswered question on this forum details the same problem:

     Many thanks



    mercredi 9 mai 2012 16:05