SharePoint Project Tasks Gantt view date/time off by UTC time zone


  • SharePoint environment - SharePoint 2010 SP1 Standard with Cumulative update March 7, 2012, 1 SQL, 2 Web, 1 App.

    Users have just began using Project Tasks with the Gantt chart.  They started complaining that the dates in the Gantt view are off by 1 day but are correct in any other view or list export.  Sure enough, a test list I created has the issue where all tasks listed in Gantt view are displayed one day earlier than the actual dates I entered when I created the task.  To research the issue further, I enabled the view to show both the date and time instead of the just the date.  By default, any new task entered into a Project Tasks list will have the time of 12:00 am.  In the time field for my Gantt view the time shows as 6:00 pm (6 hours earlier).  All other views show the correct time of 12:00 am.  All that I can figure is that the Gantt view is using a time zone other than the default for our web farm (we are in time zone (UTC-07:00) Mountain Time (US & Canada)).  My assumption is that this list view is set to use the default UTC time and that this is some sort of bug with the version of the software.  A colleague that is running a very similar deployment to this one but is not on SP1 does not have this issue.  Perhaps SP1 is the culprit.

    I have checked every time and location setting I can find for SharePoint and all are correct.  Hopefully someone has a fix for this.

    mardi 19 juin 2012 15:01


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  • Hi Nielson2010uvu,

    In SharePoint site, you can set the time zoon. If your local is (UTC-07:00) Mountain Time (US & Canada), your SharePoint should be also configure the type of time.

    You can refer to the following link.



    jeudi 21 juin 2012 02:11
  • I have the correct regional settings for this site.  In fact, if I change the settings to another time zone I get the exact same behavior.  For example, if I set the time zone in the regional settings to Eastern Time (-05:00) my Gantt view will show a time of 8:00 pm instead of the default of 12:00 am.  If it is set to Mountain time (-07:00) the Gantt view will show 6:00 pm.  All other views show the correct default time of 12:00 am which is what was entered when I created the task item.  For some reason the Gantt view is ignoring my regional settings and is using UTC (00:00) zone.  If I set my time zone to UTC (00:00) in the regional settings the dates and times show correctly in any of the views.

    Here's an example of what I see when the regional settings are set to Mountain Time:


    I'm pretty sure this is some kind of bug in the release of SP2010 that I'm running but maybe someone else has seen this and knows what setting I've messed up.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    jeudi 21 juin 2012 14:18
  • Hi nielson2010uvu,

    You SharePoint have update to the latest. So, I think this is may be not a bug. This is may be by design. This is occur because by default, the Due date field is configured to be Date only versus Date and Time.

    I find a similar case with you.



    vendredi 22 juin 2012 02:54
  • This case is not associated with my issue.  My problem is that the Gantt view is using the wrong time zone to display the due date and start date.  Using the wrong time zone causes the two date fields mentioned to show the wrong dates.  I can’t imagine that this is by design as it causes confusion when viewing your project tasks.  Also, I’ve checked with a colleague that is running SharePoint 2010 but is not on SP1 and they do not have this issue.

    vendredi 22 juin 2012 15:08
  • Hi nielson2010vu,

    After my test, I find the reason and it is not a bug. Please do it as the following screenshot, then it will be ok!



    lundi 25 juin 2012 07:52
  • the Sharepoint Foundation 2010 Dec 2011 CU claims to fix this issue.

    I am having the same problem on my Sharepoint server. I'll let you know if this fix does the trick. Likewise, if you have solved the issue already, I would appreciate knowing how.

    mardi 26 juin 2012 14:12
  • I saw that the Dec 2011 CU (Foundation) fixes this issue but I'm not running SharePoint Foundation.  I was hoping that the February 2012 CU would include it for SharePoint Server.  The knowledge articles for the CU don't mention it and after installing the update the issue still exists so my guess is no, it didn't included the fix included for SharePoint Foundation.

    If I follow Jack's advice and set my regional settings to UTC time for the sites that use Gantt charts I suspect that I will encounter time issues with tasks, calendar items etc.  Does anyone know what potential issues I might run into by following this advice?  I have tested this and it does fix the problem but it changes the time for all of the existing task entries.

    I really find it hard to believe that this is a setting by design especially when non SP1 editions don't seem to be affected (this is just a guess on my part based on feedback from someone running a non SP1 deployment of SharePoint server 2010).

    mardi 26 juin 2012 21:20
  • Hi nielson2010uvu,

    Just do it. The UTC(Coordinated Universal Time) is only for time zone. Your calendar is set alone. So, it will not affect it. Also, you can give more test . The UTC(Coordinated Universal Time) is the only ways to resolve the Gantt view issue.

    My environment is not SharePoint 2010 SP1, but I have the same issue. After my many times test, I find the reason is UTC(Coordinated Universal Time) finally!



    mercredi 27 juin 2012 02:15
  • If I follow Jack's advice and set my regional settings to UTC time for the sites that use Gantt charts I suspect that I will encounter time issues with tasks, calendar items etc.  Does anyone know what potential issues I might run into by following this advice?  I have tested this and it does fix the problem but it changes the time for all of the existing task entries.

    I have used the advice to set the time zone to UTC.  The Gantt chart now makes sense, but if you have the tasks or calendar on the site synced with Outlook, the dates and times will be wrong in Outlook.  I don't know what to do now, I might go back to having just the Gantt chart wrong.

    The real solution would be to fix the bug with Sharepoint.

    vendredi 13 juillet 2012 18:03
  • As DarrenUtd has indicated, there are issues with setting your site to the wrong time zone just to fix the time on the Gantt view.  I haven't found a fix for this yet but I am going to open a case with Microsoft and I will post the results (hopefully I get a bug fix).  Rather than mess up the times for the other task lists and calendars on my site, I've left my time zone set to the correct one for my location.

    vendredi 13 juillet 2012 18:09
  • Did Microsoft have any permanent fix for this? We are experiencing the same issue with the Start Date field in a Gantt View.
    vendredi 20 juillet 2012 18:08
  • Hi nielson2010uvu,

    I am having a similar problem with some application that I'm writing for a client.

    Here's what I have found out so far, and my thought on why you might be having these problems:

    So, as far as I have found out, SharePoint will translate the time that has been entered by any user, to UTC and save it in the list. Upon request by the website, the time is converted to the appropriate timezone.

    In the case of my code, when I retrieve the information from my Silverlight control, I get the UTC time from the SPList. This is the root of our problem, since you can only translate that DateTime object to your own current TimeZone, even if someone else entered it from a totally different TimeZone.


    User1 in Germany makes an Entry in the list for January 1. 2012 at 00:00.

    Germany is UTC+1, so SP saves this as December 31. 2011 at 23:00

    Now User2 wants to read the Value from San Francisco, California, which is UTC-8. USer2 would get the value from the server, Dec. 31. 2011, 23:00.

    The only thing that User2 can do is call ToLocalTime(), which doesn't really help him, since it still keeps the DateTime object in a wrong state.

    I am guessing that the Gantt Chart control doesn't work with the timezone difference correctly.

    I hope this helps anyone :-)



    mardi 7 août 2012 13:55
  • Hi Jack,

    I have users that are also experiencing this bug and have found the regional setting time zone workaround to be unacceptable as it changes the times for all content on the site for example calendars with meeting times.

    mardi 7 août 2012 22:36
  • To help with others that are experiencing this issue, I currently have a case open with MSFT support in which they've been able to reproduce with the June 2012 CU and is now in the process of communicating with the product team to see if this is a known issue and whether or not they have a fix in the queue for this. Will keep this thread updated as I get more information.

    mercredi 15 août 2012 21:04
  • Same issue with our new SPS SP1 deployemnt. Thank you, Henry, for following up with MS support. Will look forward to a solution as we are starting to use the project management tools a bit in our shop.


    Radu P.

    vendredi 17 août 2012 14:20
  • I've been unable to find useful information on this anywhere else on the internet so I am incredibly interested in the outcome of your MSFT support case. Thanks for keeping us posted.
    mardi 21 août 2012 17:34
  • Also very interested if there is a fix for this issue.
    vendredi 24 août 2012 05:58
  • MSFT Support got back to me today and has confirmed this to be a bug that will be addressed with the October 2012 CU.

    lundi 10 septembre 2012 22:44
  • Thank you, Henry, for the information and for not forgetting about us.
    jeudi 13 septembre 2012 16:14
  • Does anyone konw if this actually been addressed in the Oct 2012 CU?  I looked through the KB fixes quickly but did see anything specific to this issue.  I also checked out the Dec foundation update and didn't see anything there either.  Thanks in advance. - Matt
    mercredi 2 janvier 2013 15:07
  • According to this Microsoft KB page this issue will be fixed in the October 2012 CU -

    I plan to install the CU this weekend and will report back with my results.

    jeudi 3 janvier 2013 18:31
  • To update the thread - I've installed the Oct 2012 CU on a dev environment for testing and it seems that this issue is resolved.

    vendredi 4 janvier 2013 22:44