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  • hello first of all thank all those who helped me in previous questions
    Now I have this question:
    in my infrastructure I have several clients running windows 10 version 1511 and version 1607.
    These versions via wsus are not updated but if I get them out on the internet they can do the update.
    I read several posts where it is indicated that the support has expired and looking for kb from the main microsoft datastore to import them on wsus I can not find them ...
    Is there a way to import update and upgrade kb into wsus?
    Unfortunately I can not get all the expired machines out because we're talking about 340 clients.
    vendredi 18 mai 2018 07:52

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  • Hi alelusi,

    We have the way to import update and upgrade kb into WSUS. Following are the steps:

    1.Open the WSUS console

    2.In the console tree, right-click the Updates section and select Import Updates 

    3.Then Internet Explorer will start and automatically go to Microsoft Update Catalog webpage. (When you visit this website in IE for the first time, you will have to install a special ActiveX extension, and it’s better to add this website to the list of trusted websites.)

    4.Using the search feature, find the KBs you need and click Add to add them to the basket. (It’s better not to select more than 20-30 updates at once.) 

    5.Then click View basket to open it

    6.Check Import directly into Windows Server Update Services (if this option is not available, make sure you have the administrator privileges on your WSUS server) and click Import

    7.Wait till the updates are downloaded. (If the download suddenly terminates, try again.)

    8.Then find the downloaded patches in the All Updates section of the WSUS console and confirm their installation to the necessary groups of computers.

    Using this method, you can import any updates from Microsoft Update Catalog to the WSUS server, hope it can give you a help.

    Best Regards

    Alan li


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