User Profile Change Job paused. Why? And how do I start it.


  • When I looked at Running Jobs today I could see that User Profile Change Job had paused at 6 AM this morning.
    Ten minutes after it paused the Timer Service Recycle succeeded, but after that there are no jobs running. (My local time is now 11.30 AM)

    So what can be the reason that it has paused, causing all jobs to stop?

    All services is started when I look at Services on Server, and FIM services are also running.
    Opened User Profile Change Job and selected Run now, but nothing happens.
    Restarting server didn't help either.
    Event Viewer don't show any errors by the time the job paused.

    How can I start it again and what can I do to prevent this from happening again?

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    mardi 7 février 2012 10:40

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  • I restarted User Profile Synchronization Service  and then restarted the server, so now all jobs are running again.

    So the question now is why it happened and if there are anything I can do prevent this from happening again.

    mardi 7 février 2012 13:01
  • Everyday.. Timer service recycles to perform better as lot of customizations are running in timer job. During the recycle process.. it pauses all the jobs that are pausable. Ideally it should continue the execution after the recycle has completed.

    Please check the ULS logs during that time (6 am) to check for possible errors why it has not restarted the service..


    mardi 7 février 2012 13:11
  • Thanks Satheesh for the information.

    This have happened one time before, but that time I only had to restart the server.

    I will look at the ULS logs to see if there are any information about why Timer Service Recycle can't restart the service(s).

    mardi 7 février 2012 14:19
  • if you go to currently running jobs.. do you till see this job in paused state...

    Try restarting the Timer Service (even administrative timer too) on all the servers in the Farm.


    mardi 7 février 2012 14:48
  • This morning the same thing happened.
    Almost anyway, this time it couldn't start Word Automation Services Timer Job.

    I have checked the ULS log, but I can't find anything there that are pointing to my problem.
    If someone have time to look at it you find it here ->, I'm new to SharePoint and maybe I'm just not understanding what it is the log file is trying to say. ;)

    I have searched the internet, but I can't find any information about what it is that are causing this.
    Maybe this is not so common?

    mercredi 8 février 2012 08:27
  • Any updates on this?

    I am having a similar problem but seems to be with multiple jobs on 2 of my 3 servers in the farm. The main application server (hosting CA) seems to be fine, but jobs on my 2nd app and wfe servers are stuck in a paused status. I have stopped/started timer service and cleared configuration cache on all servers... nothing seems to get these jobs through, nor any other timer jobs setup for the 2nd app and wfe servers....

    - Rick

    vendredi 15 juin 2012 19:04
  • I'm not sure what went wrong for me, but something had happened with my service account.
    I changed to another service account that had the same configuration as the old account, and after that everything runs again.

    I don't know why my old service account couldn't restart the services, and since it works now I haven't spent any time trying to figure out what exectly went wrong.

    samedi 16 juin 2012 10:07