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  • Bonjour,


    I want to enable a cross-forest connect between 2 untrusted forests (one.local and two.local, both w2k3 ads schema) with E2K7 SP1, because I want to share calendar information

     I have created some contacts in ORG1 of persons in ORG2 and reverse.  (for first tests)
    The SMTP-adresses are the same of each "person-contact"

    I have made the following steps:


    Set-AvailabilityConfig -OrgWideAccount "local.Domain\User"

    On the next step I was not sure: Should I use the local or the remote credentials.I have tried both, but without success.

    $local = get-credential  (Account of "local.Domain\User")
    Add-AvailabilityAddressspace -Forestname local.Domain -Accessmethod
    OrgWideFB -CredentialEmbarrassedlocal

    $remote = get-credential  (Account von "remote.Domain\User")
    Add-AvailabilityAddressspace -Forestname local.Domain -Accessmethod
    OrgWideFB -CredentialEmbarrassedremote

    These users haven't special rigths and haven't a mailbox.

    2.) Enable connector:

    I have tried standard auth. without TLS  and external security (at the last one I have created an receive connector too).

    What could be the problem, that the availability service isn't available / outlook isn’t able to receive any free/busy information?
    Have I forgotten something?

    I have tested:

    two.local = local domain
    one.local = remote domain

    Test-OutlookWebServices -Identity
    p.pan@two.local  -TargetAddress
    h.hoelle@one.local | fl

    Id      : 1011
    Type    : Error
    Message : Answer of the request of the availability of 

    Id      : 1016
    Type    : Error
    Message : [EXCH]-Error during the connection with service 'AS' at

    Event log entry:

    type:    error
    source:    MSExchange Availability
    category:    Verfügbarkeitsdienst
    event-id:    4001
    Computer:    E2K7 
    error at process 2020[w3wp.exe:/LM/W3SVC/1/ROOT/EWS-1-128557649963370077]: Microsoft.Exchange.InfoWorker.Common.Availability.ProxyWebRequestWithAutoDiscover. Exception: Microsoft.Exchange.InfoWorker.Common.Availability.AutoDiscoverFailedException: A cross-forest Availability service that can fill request for mailbox <Peter Pan TWO>
    SMTP:h.hoelle@one.local could not be found.



    Many thanks to you for help / some ideas!


    With best regards!





    jeudi 19 juin 2008 09:38


  • Hi,

    Take a look at the exchange help file...

    If you have a cross-forest environment, you HAVE to use the GAL Synchronization feature in Microsoft Integration Identity Server (MIIS) 2003 or in the Identity Lifecycle Manager 2007 (ILM) to ensure that the GAL in any given forest contains mail recipients from other forests. This feature creates mail-enabled contacts that represent recipients from other forests, thereby allowing users to view them in the GAL and send mail.

    Frédéric L.
    dimanche 22 juin 2008 20:37