Connecting to DA clients from internal network


  • Hi,

    We are running Direct Access and for the end users it runs fine, but I'm facing an issue in managing the DA clients.

    When using DA, the clients can connect to all servers and services over IPv6, pinging an server FQDN will return a IPv6 address.

    But when internal servers(SCCM / AV), other then the DA servers, want to connect to these clients they can't make connection.

    I don't have any IPv6 DHCP scopes, but all servers have a link-local address.
    When doing a NSLOOKUP for a client name, it returns 3 IPv6 addresses (FD00 / 2001 / 2A02).
    Doing a ping from the DA-servers it is successful, when doing a ping from the AV or SCCM server it just can't resolve the clients IP address.

    Since I don't want to break the DA-environment I need some help in fixing this issue.

    Anyone knows where to start?

    Thanks, Dennis 

    vendredi 25 mai 2018 17:57

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