GPO - "Remove common program groups" hides specific user programs too


  • I have a template of policies aimed at non-admins (used mmc and added local policy objects for non-admin users).  I have the above GPO setting set to "Enabled", but when I log on as a non-admin user, the entire All Programs menu lists no objects.  If I navigate to \users\USER\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs the folder has multiple folders and shortcuts in it.

    If I delete everything from that Start Menu folder for that user, clicking All Programs shows (empty).  If I add shortcuts back in, nothing is listed when I click All Programs including the (empty) text.  It's like it knows the folder has contents, but just chooses not to display them.

    Startup items in the user specific start menu are not run when the policy is enabled either.

    I have numerous other policies enabled and configured, but disabling just the "Remove common...." policy and logging in as the non-admin user shows not only the All Users items but also the user specific ones.

    At this point, I'm thinking I'm best off moving the ProgramData All Users programs contents to the admin account's personal stuff and putting the non-admin Programs folder into the All Users one and disabling this policy setting to get pretty much the same result, but the Enabled description for this policy is exactly what I want, it's just not following its own description.

    Any ideas?

    mardi 7 mai 2013 14:11