403 forbidden error while trying to access custom login page of a SharePoint 2010 application


  • We are currently trying to run a .wsp solution with Sharepoint 2010 and are encountering a blocking issue :

    The web application running the solution is configured as FBA with a custom RoleProvider and the System.Web.Security.ActiveDirectoryMembershipProvider.

    web.config files of the central administration, the web application and the securityTokenService have all 3 been configured in order to use those providers. We are using a custom LoginPage wich is also configured as the connection page of the web application.

    The issue is that when trying to access this page, we now get a "403 Forbidden" error.

    I want to emphasize the fact that this issue appeared spontaniously. Right after the deployment of the wsp, the access to this page was working perfectly, and without any changes from us, the issue appeared about 1 hour later.

    We've checked the autorisation for users on the web application and even put them as Full control, but still get the error anyway.

    If you have any thought about what could be the problem...

    Thank you

    PS : obvisously, feel free to ask for any further information/detail, i may have not thought about some crucial points

    EDIT :

    We have been able to identify what step causes the issue. The '403 forbidden error' appears right after the creation of a root webSite on the web application.

    Still can't figure out why though

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