Technitian Companion CD? Sounds Interresting?


  • Hi!

    I am just making some things for technitians, like a CD using a website as navigation with learning, tools, planning, and things i am working on. I am not yet sure if i want to release it, put it up as a web page or what to do with it. I need a partner that i can play ball with on this project. For example, i really need to learn more HTML, where do i go to learn more? This is as much a resource CD as a learning stuff CD, sounds interresting and if you want to "play ball" with some of the projects, i have a developer project i could need help expand, i could put it up on github and you can contribute through there. I must mention that i do run a business, i hope to get microsoft licencing for the CD and not opensource. As you will see, if you help me out with the development part, main language is C#, framework is .NET, JavaScript (including libraries like JQuery, Angular and bootstrap) and the editor i am using is microsoft Code. If you feel like you can and want to contribute or can help in som way, let me know! :) 

    Sigurd Skauvik - IKT Spesialisten, Skauvik

    Sigurd Skauvik IKT Spesialisten, Skauvik

    mercredi 4 avril 2018 15:04