Excel Services with list as a Data Source


  • Hi,

    I have created a project server web application in sharepoint. And I need to show dashboards from the lists Projects, tasks and timelines..These lists do not have functionality to get viewed in datasheet.

    So I used Export to excel and saved the jqy file on my desktop. Then I created a pivot chart using this jqy file as an external data source, but after publishing the excel sheet to a sharepoint library, it shows the following error message:

    'This workbook contains one or more queries that refresh external data. A malicious user can design a query to access confidential information and distribute it to other users or perform other harmful actions.

    If you trust the source of this workbook, click Yes to enable queries to external data in this workbook. If you are not sure, click No so that changes are not applied to your workbook.
    Do you want to enable queries to external data in this workbook?'

    And on clicking OK it shows other message:

    'Unable to refresh data for a data connection in the workbook.
    Try again or contact your system administrator. The following connections failed to refresh:

    owssvr '

    But data is not getting refreshed after all this..

    The data is getting refreshed in the excel sheet but not showing refreshed data when viewed in browser.

    Please let me know any solution that is OOB and lists can be used as a datasource for Excel Services. I tried placing the jqy file in one of the libraries and set the datasource="" to datasource"path to library" in connection properties but the same issue persists.

    lundi 18 juin 2012 08:07