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  • eCCFSA folder create in Program File (x86) and also OWY1NzVkMzk2NW folder create in Program Files when I install a software. What are they? Can they stand a problem in future?
    vendredi 15 juin 2018 00:26

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  • What is the software?

    Program File (x86) and  Program Files folder store the information about the installation of the application.

    Can you reproduce the problem on another computer, which has not installed the application yet? Or you can provide a link or something that I can download it to reproduce the issue.

    What is in eCCFSA and  OWY1NzVkMzk2NW folder? Did these two folders created because of installation of the app? If so, can you delete them with the app running well ?

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    mardi 19 juin 2018 02:02