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  • hello guys.

    i have a problem with my application . i have to insert in some tables,and all of them contain identity .

    so my problem is that i dont know how to insert in each table ,as each table has identity in different column_name.

    so my application form has :combobox that contains name of tables ,dynamic label which its name change in every clik on the button and show the next column ,and textebox which contains the values that i have to write down and get inserted and a button ok to validate hte insert.

    i am waiting for your answers.

    vendredi 6 mai 2011 01:40

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  • Bonjour,

    le français sera préférable si vous souhaitez une réponse.


    Thierry DEMAN. Exchange MVP. (68 MCPs)
    lundi 12 septembre 2011 11:23