Is there a decent XML VIEWER with Windows 7 that will resolve externals?


  • I guess I got spoiled with XP.  I'm a developer working on programs that generate XML files, most of which utilize external entity references.

    On my old XP machine, I could just double-click on the xml file and see the full document with the included externals, and be able to expand and contract tags, etc.  I think the rendering was being done by IE, but I'm not sure about that-- it just WORKED, I didn't have to do anything, except click on the XML file.

    Now that I've upgraded to W7, all doubleclicking on an XML file does is bring it up in Notepad which doesn't resolve the externals.   And manually loading it in IE8 shows even less-- it tells me to "view source" just to see what I already was getting in Notepad.  How useless is that?

    So then I find out that by default Windows 7 uses MSXML 6.0, which disables resolveexternals by default.  For IE8, I gather you can use javascript to turn it back on-- but that's useless since my doc is not an HTML file, it's an XML file.

    Is there any way to set up my W7 system so that when I click on an XML file it'll load into a decent viewer that will resolve externals w/ the supplied software?   Or do I need to look for some third-party product?

    I also tried XML Notepad 2007, but that didn't seem to want to resolve externals either-- the results were far less than impressive.

    Ugh.  Give me my XP back...




    jeudi 17 mai 2012 19:35