How to link CDR Transferred Call


  • Hi,

    I am trying to link Transferred call but can not see anything common when the call is transferred by an agent then you see new session is generated with Referred By ID (ID of the person who transferred the call) and the new call gets different  correlation id than the ID from the first call which makes it impossible to tell where the Transferred call came from.

    For example if call to 123456 number call goes to group and then answered by extension 23 when extension 23 transfers the call to extension 67 then new session is generated showing new call to extension 67 referred by extension 23 but it becomes impossible to tell how the call was transferred to extension 67 and how it started because Correlation will be different between sessions.

    I just want to know is it possible to find out about transferred calls like i can link call with replaces dialog id time and correlation id.



    samedi 15 août 2015 13:04