Management agent for Azure-WaaD (Azure Active Directory Service)


  • Waad is not available through LDAP. For this reason, one of my customers can't use it as its main users store. He wants to keep using FIM 2010 with minimal modifications. I'm exploring the possibility using the extensible management agent to connect to WaaD using the GRAPH protocol. The GRAPH has a CRUD API.

    1. Is it already done somewhere by someone?
    2. Is it a good idea?
    3. How much work is it in hours?


    jeudi 20 juin 2013 09:13

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  • What is your timeline?  Microsoft is very committed to Azure, so one might expect them provide such a FIM connector someday, however if you need one today then the ECMA2 framework is the way to go.

    CraigMartin – Edgile, Inc. –

    jeudi 20 juin 2013 23:12
  • Hallo,

    My timeline is a few weeks. The systems will be implemented in about a year but the decisions are taken now. And no-one will dare choosing a solution that's not guaranteed. I'm trying to find out through our contacts with Microsoft of WaaD will get a LDAP interface in a short while. It it does, i guess the ADLDS agent  will do.


    vendredi 21 juin 2013 08:49
  • Check the key note and news from TechEd 2013 - I wasn't there but I think that in a Tweet Feed I saw someone mentioning that Azure AD MA will be released in close time frame. It can be also done with powershell ma and some companies are offering Azure AD MA.

    Tomek Onyszko, memberOf Predica FIM Team (, IdAM knowledge provider @

    vendredi 21 juin 2013 12:20