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  • hello

    we are running for our users, a LYNC 2010 server (LYNC-A) connected to a SQL server 2005 (SQL-A).

    Now a new LYNC 2013 is ready (LYNC-B) connected to a SQL server 2008 R2 (SQL-B).

    is there a way to : 

    - change the path of LCSCDR and QOEMETRICS from the LYNC 2010  (can the LYNC-A use the SQL-B databases ?)

    - merge the data from  LCSCDR and QOEMETRICS (data from LYNC 2010) with the  LCSCDR and QOEMETRICS databases (data of LYNC 2013) ?  the purpose is to keep historical data from lync 2010 when all users will be migrate on lync 2013.


    jeudi 13 juin 2013 08:40

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  • Hello,

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    Alexis CONIA - Eliade - http://www.techandprog.fr

    jeudi 13 juin 2013 17:43