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  • Heloo,

    I'm installing a new computer with SharePointWorkSpace 2010

    On my ol computer, I had Groove 2007. So I generated from Groove 2007 the "*.grv" file to get my information on SharePoint WorkSpace 2010. All worked like a charm but I can't find my documents

    I found on Microsoft this link : which explain that documents are in "Workspace"' folder on my hard drive but I can't find it.

    I can't fin a solution on Google

    I hope you can help me


    vendredi 10 février 2012 18:08

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  • Hi Seb.49,

    Your .grv file is your account file : it contains all information related to who you are (Your certificate, your VCard, ...), with whom you are in contact (Your contacts list) and where you participate (your workspaces list)... This file does not contain workspaces content (What you called "my documents").

    When you migrate or install your account on another machine, you have to ensure that there's at least one other member in each workspace, or that your former computer is still available...

    After having injected your GRV file on your new computer, workspaces should appear in your launchbar but should be disabled/greyed : Right click on their name, and click on "Get workspace" : workspace content will be downloaded from your former computer or from another member's computer...

    If you do not have access anymore to your former computer or were alone in your workspace or did not backup your workspaces as archives, unfortunately, there's no mean to get your documents back...



    lundi 13 février 2012 15:35
  • Bonjour,

    Prière de parlez français quand vous êtes sur le forum TechNet France,

    Le même cas, à été traité par Pascal Poeck ! Voici le lien:

    Bonne chance, Gokan

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    mercredi 15 février 2012 11:00