ADMT error: Unable to retrieve the DNS host Name for migrated computer


  • Hey there,!

    I have two TWO SITES, each one has 1 DC-based server 2016

    I am in the final steps to migrate the computers to the new site and getting the following message:

    "Unable to retrieve the DNS hostName for migrated computer '%COMPUTERNAME%", the ADSI property cannot be found in the property cache"

    So we do we realize from this???

    1. NSLOOKUP works
    2. Not A/V
    3. ping works
    4. time synced.
    5. destination client [os7]
    6. ADMT users [distination domain exists on local administrator group on windows 7 client.

    what the hell I am missing here?!

    vendredi 1 juin 2018 21:26


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