What do you think of two MAs to the same data source?

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  • If you've got a data source that takes a very long time to sync and you have a new user appear in your data source that needs to be provisioned ASAP, what do you do?

    Would it be ok to have two identitcal Management Agents connecting to the same data source? You could have a projection rule to ensure that you don't end up with duplicates. Then you can simply use the second one for DIDS while the first one is doing the hour long sync part of it's FIFS.

    Any thoughts?

    jeudi 11 juillet 2013 01:55

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  • Dan,

    Though I am not sure of this but I think this can be achieved by making a new MA for the source to bring specific set of users and sync them by having a projection or join rules defined to prevent the Duplicates. You can simply bring only those Users by defining a filter criteria, this will bring only the required users that need to be provisioned ASAP.

    What do you say? Is it possible?


    jeudi 11 juillet 2013 04:31