Sharepoint 2010 - move all databases results in "Could not connect to the configuration database"


  • Hi,

    Following these posts, recently I tired to move all sharepoint 2010 databases to another server.

    But, when the step-by-step procedure were done, the following error is appeared: "Could not connect to the configuration database". 

    I successfully attach all databases in new DB server, and I use the following parameters for creating the Alias in sharepoint server:

    Alias Name: MSSQLSERVER (name of both previous and current database instance)

    Port: (blank), using netstat command I see that the TCP/IP port of SQL instance is 1433.

    Protocol: TCP/IP

    Server: win2008-SQLR2 (server name of new DB server)

    I can successfully ping the new DB server from the Sharepoint server (Application Server).

    I am so confused and I do not know how can I debug this issue. 



    vendredi 15 juin 2012 11:46


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