How to prevent Outlook 2013 getting stuck in send/receive RRS feed

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  • Sorry for posting here but there is no Outlook 2013 forum... but I bet it would have the same behaviour in 2016...

    I have multiple mail accounts which I access in Outlook 2013 with POP3 but sometimes the server is offline and the send/receive gets stuck prompting for credentials. Is there a way to force Outlook to continue whatever the error? My main purpose of using Outlook on the PC is to retrieve emails so the remote mailbox does not get full and in that case Outlook is even not trying to reconnect... or is there some option I overlooked?

    lundi 12 août 2019 17:19

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  • Hello,

    Unfortunetly, this is the default behavior of Outlook from many years !

    Maybe you don't look at the best solution for your problem :

    • Should be better to increase your mailbox quota (contact your dealer for that)
    • Or, why don't you try an Exchange mailbox instead ? The Exchange machanism to collect mails isn't based on POP3 protocol and doesn't stuck when an error occurs...


    Sylvain (MCP, MCTS Windows Server 2008 R2 Server Virtualization, MCTS Exchange 2010)

    Blog :

    mardi 13 août 2019 06:45
  • Hello

    It s limit of POP protocol.

    You can try this option at 3 min (or more for exemple)

    Also you can change protocole IMAP or MAPI (Exchange)

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    mardi 13 août 2019 19:58
  • Hello,

    There is several reason for this Outlook 2013 error message to appear in your profile. See the reasons why emails get stuck in Outlook outbox.

    1. Extra large Attachment size limitation of email)
    2. Outlook is set to work in offline mode
    3. Technical issue in Outlook profile settings
    4. Authentication problems with server

    Refer the blog given bellow for resolving this Outlook issue. Try the manual methods suggested:

    Hope this blog may help you to fix the problem.



    vendredi 11 octobre 2019 09:47