can we create custom user profile properties in place of Language and Preference Out of Box property for user to select language


  • Dear Team,

    i am facing a problem in my project. the 'language and preference'(SPS-MUILanguage) user profile property in user profile for user is getting over written with preferredlanguage field in AD(Active Directory), but we have not mapped 'language and preference'(SPS-MUILanguage) userprofile property with AD 'preferredlanguage '. Is there any way to avoid importing of 'preferredlanguage ' in 'language and preference'(SPS-MUILanguage) userprofile property from sharepoint AD IMPORT JOB?

    i have one more question, can we create a custom userprofile property to replace OOB 'language and preference'(SPS-MUILanguage)  property with created custom language property, so that user select language preference there and sharepoint OOB language also takes the language preference from custom language property?

    Please help i am stuck 

    jeudi 14 juin 2018 13:09