Skip the Queue timout/Alert Time.


  • Hi all,

    At the office we have set up different response (hunt) groups. When a customer calls the number, it first goes to the 1st response group. The agents get ringed all at once, the first who answers has the call. If they don't answer within 10 seconds the call will be transferd to the 2nd response group, if the 2nd group doesn't respond in 30 seconds the call get transferd to the reception. 
    The problem that we encounter is that if no one in the 1st response group is available/online Lync will still wait the whole 10 seconds before it moves to the 2nd response group, with the thought that an agent can come available again. 
    How can we skip this proces? So if non of the agents are online/available in the 1st group, Lync will immediately shifts to the 2nd response group? 

    Looking forward to your reply.

    Thank you in advance! 



    mercredi 13 décembre 2017 09:31

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