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    Just curius. Would it be possible to use Visio as a data-entry point for sql server (2008) ? My business case is that I want my endusers to model a number of organisation charts in Visio. The results of this modelling should result in (automatic) update of a table storing the modelled parent-child relations.

    In Visio I've seen a feature for exporting Visio data to Excel (not Sql Server). My intention is to get this fully automated from Visio 2010 to Sql Server 2008 (without any manual steps), and ultimately bi-directional. Any chances for this ?

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  • Not to push from Visio to SQL but you can pull SQL into Visio automatically.

    View tab > Add-Ons > Visio Extras

    1. Export to Database, to create the Visio ShapeSheet data to a table in SQL

    2. Database Wizard or Link to ODBC Database, to create the link between Visio data and SQL

    3. Database Settings... to automatically refresh page (Visio pulls from SQL)

    4. I believe Database Update pushes data back to SQL after you create the link and Database Refresh manually pulls/updates the SQL data to Visio.


    Data > Link Data to Shapes in 2007 and 2010 imports data into Visio in a RecordSet and can link data onto the shapes simply by dragging the record onto the shape. You can setup auto-refresh this way in the Visio desktop application (VISIO.EXE) or in Visio Graphics Service in SharePoint 2010 Enterprise using Visio Web Drawings (*.vdw).

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