Installing SharePoint std server 2010 on Windows 2008 server r2 - Guidelines


  • Hi All,
         I would be installing sharepoint standard server 2010 on production and i would need some guidelines and tips especially on accounts to be used from AD.
    I have the following accounts all AD accounts:
    One Farm acct
    One Setup Acct
    One AppPool Acct
    One Search Acct.
    Do i need more...?

    The questions are:

     - When installing do i have to use the setup account to install?
     - With the Database i would be using the Farm account is that right?
     - Now with the application pool account can i use the same one for all
        the services when i decide to start the ones i needed.I'm not using
        profile services to start with.
     - Also noticed when you setup the the service applications the database
       names are all in GUID is there a way to avoid this?
     - I would also want to make sure the instance is on another http port
       other than 80.(Don't want the web application and central admin on
       port 80)

    Any tips,resources and advice would be appreciated.

    lundi 18 juin 2012 00:27


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