Visio 2016 Stops Working Opening Drawings from SharePoint and OneDrive for Business


  • I have multiple computers running Visio 2016 that cannot open drawings from OneDrive for Business folders or directly from SharePoint. Visio crashes with the "Visio has stopped working" message.  If drawings are copied to a local folder they open just fine.


    vendredi 29 juin 2018 14:37

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  • Hi Schyler,

    What's your current Visio 2016 version? Go to File > Account, click About Visio to collect the detailed build number. Please make sure you have installed all latest updates for Visio 2016.

    Additionally, please click File > Account, under User Information, click Sign out, then restart and Sign In again with the account you used for OneDrive for Business and SharePoint. Then go to File > Open, select OneDrive for Business folder or SharePoint folder to open Visio drawing.

    Best Regards,
    Winnie Liang

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    lundi 2 juillet 2018 06:26
  • I have experienced this issue with Visio and Teams/Sharepoint.  It was being caused by the filename having an ampersand character & in the file name - removing this solved the problem.
    jeudi 30 août 2018 18:35
  • I've recently been having exactly the same problem and found out that it was because I had used special characters e.g &#()$, either in the name of the file or the names of the folder structure where the file was saved in SharePoint.

    Once I removed all special characters, it worked fine again.

    Guess it's fairly obvious once you know that's the problem but if you didn't, it's worth a try...

    mercredi 30 janvier 2019 09:13