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  • Hi everybody,

    Here is my environment description:

    - SQL Server 2005 64-bit / Windows Server 2003 STD SP2 64-bit

    - Intel Xeon CPU 3GHz / 8 GB of RAM

    - Databases: SharePoint content


    The process sqlserver.exe always takes almost all the physical memory.

    The system becomes very slow. When clicking a button, it takes a while before responding.

    Few days later the SQL server does not respond anymore!!! Databases are no more accessible!!!!

    I have to reboot the server to recover. BUT some days later the same problem reappears.


    Could someone help, please?



    lundi 22 mars 2010 13:32

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  • Hi Ruben,

    You talk about "Memory & Performance problem". My question is "Are you really sure that the problem comes from memory ?"

    I mean firstable you'got to identify exactly what is the bottleneck when your system is hanging. Launch the Perfmon tool with appropriate counters (from memory, CPUs, disks, SQL Buffers...) and then you will see what's going wrong.

    The next step will be to know "Why".


    jeudi 25 mars 2010 16:30