Publishing Management Reporter Links to SharePoint


  • We're migrating from FRX to Management Reporter for our Dynamics GP reporting and the users would like MR reports published to SharePoint. There are instructions on the web for setting that up and most of what they say is right, but we've had to add one extra step to make it work.

    These are the typical SP set up instructions:

    1. On the Management Reporter server, go to Services and verify the name of the account that is running the Management Reporter 2012 Process Service.
    2. On the SharePoint site, go to the document library that you want to publish reports into and add permissions for that Service Account with Design permissions.
    3. On the SharePoint site, go to Library Settings > Advanced Settings > and check Allow Management of Content Types.
    4. On the SharePoint site, go to Library Settings >Content Types > and add Link To Document as an available Content Type.

    One more thing we had to do (and I spent half a day pulling my hair out over it): Grant Design rights to the parent site of the library you're publishing to. I don't know what it's referencing when it publishes the ASPX files, maybe one of the "hidden" lists like the metadata or the user list for the site, but it needs design access to the whole site.

    Hope I'm saving someone else a few hours of heartache. Anyone else seen this?



    mardi 16 juin 2015 22:15

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