DirectAccess 2016 problem with MSRA.EXE for DirectAcces Client


  • Hello

    I installed DirectAccess 2016 in the dmz, with just a network card.

    Almost everything is functional except the MSRA.exe command.

    Let me explain:

    When I try to offer remote assistance on a laptop that is in our infrastructure (AD) everything works fine. When the customer connects from home and I have to offer remote assistance to troubleshoot it does not work, there is a time out.

    To work around this problem and for the moment, I have to go into the DNS server, removed the DNS entry corresponding to the ip address of the IPv4 client's laptop. Then I ask the client to restart his laptop. Once restart
    I go back to the DNS and make sure the entry is in IPv6. From now on it works, the MSRA.exe command works and I can do my thing on the laptop.

    On the other hand, when the client comes back with his laptop in our infrastructure, and if I have to offer him assistance remotely, I must first remove the IPv6 entry in the DNS server, then asked the client to restart his laptop. Once done, I make sure the entry into the DNS server is IPv4 and the offer of remote assistance works.

    How can I fix this problem? Is it a DNS problem or a bad configuration of DirectAccess?

    Thank you in advance

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