Response Timeout in BizTalk 2010

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  • Where did you set up the timeout? What kind of adapter are you using? What was the error?

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    dimanche 17 juin 2012 19:36
  • It is under Host > Settings. The error is: The value input is not valid. Valid value should be an integer ranged between 1 and 60.

    Here is the screenshot:

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    lundi 18 juin 2012 01:50
  • Not answering your question - but maybe an asynchronous pattern with a call-back might be better in this situation?

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    lundi 18 juin 2012 10:21
  • MSBTS_HostSetting.MessagingReqRespTTL Property is the default timeout for request response messages that  got allowed values are 1 to 60. You can't increase the value from BizTalk side.

    I would suggest you have to work on slow system how to tune up in better way.

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    jeudi 28 juin 2012 11:24
  • If you are calling a webservice which may take hours, I would suggest you inline webservice call using a proxy .net class instead of using SOAP adapter. You can set the response timeout value as per your requirement and that would be only valid for that service call. 

    I have implemented the same solution for a similar case.

    Naushad Alam

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    mardi 3 juillet 2012 17:33