Collect all users who have call forwarding enabled


  • Hi,

    I need to figure out how many of our users are forwarding their calls in or outside from the Lync. I have found that call forwarding per client are stored into database table: rtc.dbo.PublishedStaticInstance

    But the content of the "data" column is having very strange logic. From the blog I found the code to open the data cells:

    select convert(varchar(4000),convert(varbinary(4000),Data)) from rtc.dbo.PublishedStaticInstance

    Has anybody tried to make single SQL query to get list of the call forwarders in the Lync?


    mercredi 30 janvier 2013 15:14

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  • Did you get a chance to check if there are available PowerShell cmdlets in Lync 2010 Management Shell that could help you with this task?

    mercredi 30 janvier 2013 20:31
  • Yes, I have tried, but no luck so far...

    Do you have something in your mind?


    jeudi 31 janvier 2013 00:04
  • Hi,

    the "data" is an xml string stored to a binary array. your can have a glance at the content to see wheter it has the information you want

    *:remember to remove the "0x" when pasting Data to convert :)

    thank you,

    jeudi 31 janvier 2013 02:59
  • It might be a bit manual, but you could potentially use SEFAUtil (in the Lync Resource Kit Tools) for this.

    Justin Morris | Lync MVP | Senior Consultant | Modality Systems
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    jeudi 31 janvier 2013 09:38
  • From the blog, it seems the database table rtc.dbo.PublishedStaticInstance store the photo for Lync user other than the call forwarding setting information. You may try to use the SEFAUtil tool.

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    vendredi 1 février 2013 06:27
  • Actually that cell contains also the call forwarding information. This is pretty much the same information than the snooper shows to you when you take output from one user.


    vendredi 1 février 2013 22:30
  • Hi, Did you manage to get to the bottom of this as I was after answer to the same question.


    Murali Krishnan| My blogs: UnifiedMe | Twitter: @Mkris9

    jeudi 11 avril 2013 10:00
  • Please find details about this field for Call forwarding settings under the following Link

    This Field however relates to Lync 2013 and not to Lync 2010

    I was looking for the field containing the same details for Lync 2010 when I saw your question

    Best Regards // Amr Morsy

    lundi 24 octobre 2016 15:53