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  • Good Morning,

    We have an application that is using the default MAPI client to send EMAIL with attach file, at the moment a user have Exchange 2007 or Exchange 2010 server installed, it is possible to send an EMAIL only once, after that we never see the outlook Window appear to be able to send the EMAIL.

    After some research I found that after sending the FIRST Email with MAPI there is a file that stay open in the %TEMP% directory for the user the name of the file is ExchangePErflogxxxxx.dat. IF I close my application and start it again, I'll be able so send ONE email with a file attachement to it.If I'm not attaching files to my EMAIL the function always work as expected, If I attach a file to the EMAIL after Outlook send the Email and the MAPI session is closed ,when I tried to open another MAPI SESSION nothing work !

    When we open the MAPI session we don't give any profile name so we are using the default profile for the user defined for the Windows session.

    Just want to say that I never setup an Exchange server, but I'm trying to help our customer to have their MAPI session work more than once ! :).

    After a lot of reading it's not clear for me if the IT guys have to install the CDO package on each workstation with outlook (or TS session) to  have MAPI to work as expected ?

    If the mail client is not using Exchange server all our MAPI session work as expected !

    Thank you for any information that will help me to solved the problem !

    Best REgards,

    Sylvain Robert

    Je peux retranscrire en francais si nécessaire ! :)


    jeudi 1 septembre 2011 15:05

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