Direct Access 2012 and SCCM Remote Tools


  • I have created Direct Access 2012 NLB cluster in single NIC scenario behind NAT. All DA clients are Windows 7 and only IP-HTTPS.
    Everything is fine, clients can connect to internal resources, but I want also manage-out these clients.
    So I created additional FW rules according
    I deployed ISATAP only on my test computer according
    Now I can access shares on DA client, RDP, but SCCM 2007 SP Remote Control doesn't works. It displays starting remote session and then connection failed (0x80004005). Application distibution, windows updates are working.
    Of course when on local intranet Remote Control is working.
    We have UAG DA test environment, when I remove DA 2012 GPOs and add UAG DA GPOs (also only IP-HTTPS, Teredo and 6to4 is disabled) on the same client, Remote Control is working.
    So any suggestions? Is this some kind of single NIC scenarion limitations?
    P.S. Another strange thing - when client is connected through UAG DA in SCCM Management Console on computer object i can see IPv6 address of IPHTTPs adapter, when through DA 2012 there is no IPv6 addreses.

    mercredi 20 février 2013 09:00

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